The Craft of Design


A lot is spoken about craftsmanship with physical materials but rarely is the craft of design discussed. At Fine Fitted Interiors we have developed a process which enables our clients to participate in the creation of the interior they desire. You may ask yourself how do we get from where we are now to where we want to be? The answer is conscious, intelligent design that is as well crafted as our physical work.


Identify a budget

Discovering the latest products available and the costs associated enables you to build a realistic picture of how much you new room is going to cost. Armed with this essential information you can relax and enjoy your creative journey, safe in the knowledge that your dreams are realisable within an appropriate budget.


Layout Options & Permutations

You may know how you would like your room set out or be looking for fresh ideas on how the space can work best for you. We create plan drawings at this stage to identify layout design options - some you may have thought of and some to make you think!



As your design comes to life the three dimensional elements will be considered and illustrated together with the specification of materials, colours and textures. This exciting stage in the design process explores the options available which in turn help deliver the room you look forward to creating.



Careful planning and time management are key to ensuring your room is delivered on time. Quite often we will need to liaise with your architect, project manager and builder to ensure the site is correctly prepared and the timescale for production and fitting is both realistic and as seamless as possible.



A smooth and cost effective site fitting experience is achieved by drawing on many years of experience and many hundreds of high specification rooms efficiently fitted. We realise our clients are busy people and the relationship we have with other on site contractors and specialists is key to ensuring a trouble free and financially efficient outcome. Premier quality results can be taken as a given, evidenced by our extensive portfolio of completed work.



We believe it is wise to work with a company who will be around not just to help you purchase but to follow through long after your room is fitted. At Fine Fitted Interiors we have a reputation for assisting clients long after the job is completed. Whatever you purchase you can rest assured we will be there to assist long after our fitters have left.

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