Can you make bespoke one-off pieces?


Can I integrate my existing freestanding appliances?

Possibly, but usually not a good long term idea.

If I need to change the design, how many times can this be done?

We aim to ensure you get the room you want at a reasonable cost – where extensive reworking is required an hourly charge will be made.

Can you help me out with wall colours and decorating tips as well?

Yes, we will help where we can with this.

Is the furniture painted on site?

Yes, by a specialist furniture painter.


Can you work from architects' plans?

Yes, no problem; please indicate ceiling heights and include elevations if possible.

Should we bring dimensions or do you come and measure?

Bring plans with you when you come and visit us or we can visit and measure.

Can I use my existing appliances?

Yes and we will advise of any future implications where relevant.

Can I take the drawings away with me to show my partner?

Yes, but you will need to leave a deposit.


What guarantee does your furniture come with?

Please see 'Products' section - arriving soon.

Can I have solid oak carcases?

Yes—but be prepared as solid timber carcases will move with the seasons.

Do you make the furniture yourselves?

We import directly from Germany and commission handmade furniture from specialist cabinet makers in Yorkshire who work for a select few companies like ourselves.


Can you work alongside our builders?

Yes, very much so, this is a key relationship to ensure a trouble-free fit.

How long will the installation take overall?

A typical dry fit one or two weeks, full refurbishment three to four weeks depending on size and scope of project.

Who is responsible for connecting appliances?

Fine Fitted are on a ‘full refurbishment’ and your builder’s tradesmen will be when you are building an extension and Fine Fitted ‘supply & dry fit’.

When will our builder be able to 2nd fix?

Once our installation work is complete.

Should I get the room painted before or after the furniture is fitted?

Either is fine. Colour judgements can be easier once the furniture & worktops are fitted.

Do you protect the floor when you fit the kitchen?



How long does it take from briefing you to seeing design drawings?

Usually a couple of weeks, depending on the workload in our design office.

How long will I be without a kitchen?

For a refurbishment, usually 3 weeks which may extend depending on the scope of the work.

During my extension, at what point does the kitchen need to go in?

Usually right near the end, once the room is plastered and the floor is laid.

Our planning application hasn’t been approved yet, so is it too early to start thinking about the kitchen?

No, the earlier you start the more comprehensive your consideration can be.

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